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Sky's the limit!

just don't abuse it x_x

2 November 1990
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  • Manresa School - Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines (1994 - 2005)
I go by the saying.. " NO MUSIC, NO LIFE"... Oh yeah mitch! that's bloody original!!! ahahaha.. I jsut mooched that of Tower Records. patawa. I just strongly believe in it. Where would we be with out music? I love music and can play the guitar and bass guitar. I can play a little keyboards pero VERY little. I like to collect movies,vcd or dvd( I'd prefer dvd's but vcd's are more affordable). I like anything vintage , green, blue, yellow, brown or red... and for some reason I've developed a liking for pink things. errr anyway.... Dont tell that to anyone just yet. I love my room so much. Anyone who has been to my room would say it's a bit distracting to study in. Right joy? murph? ahahahah I have no siblings but I do wish I had one..or maybe two. But it's to late now. Well anyway..that's me I guess :D

my pet!

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